Review: AFK Season 1

What is “AFK” About? What would you do if you woke up in the body of a video game character? It would be an amazing feeling to physically enter a world you have already spent so much time in, right? Well, for the players in AFK, the video game world is far from the fantasy they were previously living. Everywhere they turn, chaos is in full effect. What of your parents? The people you left behind? Would you ever be able to return to the real world?

Enter Q, a tough as nails girl/elf who finds herself in the body of the character she was playing in an MMO. After being “saved” by Jack, a power gamer who is all to excited to be in this situation, the two venture off with the hopes of staying alive. Several other characters enter the fray like Steven, a guy stuck playing a girl, Maybel, a girl stuck playing a guy Gnome, Brendon, a 15 year old stuck in the body of a grown wizard, and V’Rugga, a enemy faction character who can’t speak english.

The mission is simple, ban together to survive their new reality or die trying.

Screenshot (9)

The Good? The characters in the world of AFK have this overall feeling of being lost. This feeling is then translated throughout everything they say or do. You have to keep in mind, these kids have no clue what they are doing. It would be weird it they were all upbeat about the situation.

The costume and character design are amazing. You can tell that the creators took inspiration from The World of Warcraft. The way the characters interact with one another is both realistic and hilarious. Q doesn’t want to be apart of this world and just wants to find a way out. She doesn’t find this fun or amusing. She knows how dangerous this world is. She also knows that acts of heroism will get you killed more often then not.


The Bad? AFK can seem a little bit slow. Much like the first half of the new Stars Wars movie, the characters are stumbling around this new environment while trying to survive. It can seem like a jumbled mess of storylines that don’t seem to be working together at all at times, and the can be disheartening to people looking for “heroes” to step up and take action. This isn’t that story, not at first.


Why You Should Watch It? AFK is a beautiful experience set it a magical land that feels familiar. There are several characters to root for, and against, and it never feels like anyone is acting out of character. The costumes are fantastic, the character design is amazing, and the story comes to a conclusion you might not have saw coming. All in all I am looking forward to this getting another season, hopefully with a better sense of direction. 4/5

Where Is It? AFK is available on youtube.

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