Review: LARPs

What Is LARPs About? Have you ever wanted to be someone that you are not? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to role-play? If so, then LARPs is the series for you. In its first season, we are introduced to five wildly different characters who all share the same hobby of Larping, or Live Action Role-Playing. Arthur plays the ninja assassin Noctus. Will play the carefree archer Biff. Shane plays the fire loving Astra. Brittany plays the magical elf Corillia. And Evan is there ever so prepared Dungeon Master. (Kat joins the team in season two as the healer Ellowyn.)

Our story picks up with Shane joining a LARP ran by Evan. Brittany, Evan’s sister, has a crush on Will but doesn’t know how to go about it. Arthur doesn’t want anything to mess up the game. Meanwhile, Shane is trying her best to mesh with the group. Inside the LARP, the band of heroes is tasked with protecting an artifact of immense power called the Eleventh Eye from falling into the wrong hands. Each episode starts with a word that is used in Role-playing, and that word is the central idea of the episode. This started a fun little side game of trying to see how each term would fit into each episode.


The Good? LARPs is an expertly crafted experience. Right off the bat, I was getting “The Guild” flashbacks. Watching the way the game interacted with each of the character’s lives and watching how they, in turn, changed because of the characters they were playing was awesome. Being a tabletop gamer myself, I was able to relate to each of the characters. From Noctis’s self-preservation to Biff’s nonchalant additive I have seen it all.

The combat in LARPs is sharp and at some times brutal. These players are really getting tossed around and knocked off their feet. That just goes to show how committed they were to make this feel as authentic as possible. The outfits also look spectacular, and the music choices fit the mood perfectly. I actually added some of the tracks from the show to my personal playlist on Spotify.

Most importantly, these actors have amazing chemistry. From the verbal back and forth of Arthur and Evan to every Will one-liner, it feels like this group has known each other for a long time. It doesn’t feel overacted or blown out of proportion, it feels like your pals all hanging around and gaming on a Saturday night.


The Bad? Because we are thrown into the middle of this world that is already in motion you kinda have to hit the ground running. In the first season, I had a harder than usual time trying to figure out how the characters knew each other. And certain guesses I had were only fully confirmed in the second season of the show.

Also, the main problem of the show doesn’t get reviled to the very end of the last episode of the first season, which kinda made it less impactful. Since you are able to jump right into season two right after watching season one it isn’t that bad anymore but at the time it just threw me off. Because of the way the show was going, it just felt shoehorned in at the end instead of getting the proper attention it deserved. It would have had a greater effect if it would have been hinted at a little better earlier.


Why You Should Watch It? All in all, LARPs in an amazing series.The onscreen combat between the characters is fantastic and a welcome treat. LARPs is well written, well acted, and contains a storyline that can be enjoyed by all. 4.5/5

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