Review: Lovesick (Scrotal Recall)

What Is “Scrotal Recall” About? I know, i know, it sounds worst than it actually is. Netflix has the weird habit of having amazing television hidden in plain sight. On this instance i was laying in bed when I got the email from Netflix. “New Shows You Might Like: Scrotal Recall…”. Scrotal Recall? You mean the Recall of your Scrotum? Who the hell made this show? Naturally, I had to find out.

Dylan is diagnosed with chlamydia and must then contact all of his previous sexual partners to inform them that he has the disease. Dylan’s best friends are Luke, the womanizer, playboy who thinks with the wrong head, and Evie, who for years has harbored a secret crush on Dylan but has now moved on and has become recently engaged. The majority of each episode of the show is told through a flashback, showing Dylan’s generally unsuccessful encounters with a number of women. Right off of the bat this show surprised me with its wit. Yes, it has the sexual jokes and innuendos but the plot lines tend to take a turn in fresh and interesting ways.


The Good? Surprisingly, this show isn’t all that bad. In fact, for a romantic comedy, it is extremely well acted and though out. for the most part these types of show like to rest on certain tropes and character types but this show blows all of them out of the water. Because of the situation Dylan is in he is forced to reexamine the relationships of his past and see how they are doing in the future. This brings a certain dual layer to the show because we get to see how far all the characters have come.


The Bad? Because the show is only 6 episodes long the plot doesn’t really get taken care of. He only gets to 6 of the more than 20 women on his list of calls he has to make and he never finds out who gave him the STD in the first place. The show kinda ignores that plot to favor the Dylan/Evie will they won’t they angle and I wish it would have kept to the prior. It was very interesting meeting all of the different woman and seeing the effect they had on Dylan’s life. Given 6-12 more episodes this show could have really shined.


Why You Should Watch It? “Scrotal Recall” is interesting, fresh, and a great take on the romantic comedy genre. Because the show is mostly out of order it provides and abstract view into the line of a 20 something who is just trying to figure out who he wants to be with.


What Would You Rate It? 4.5/5

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