Review: Vixen

What Is “Vixen” About? When Mari McCabe returns to Detroit after searching for information on her birth parents, she ends up in jail for stabbing a potential employer in the hand with a pen. Her foster father Chuck posts her bail, and the two are confronted in an alley by some thugs looking to take Mari’s Tantu Totem, which she inherited from her birth parents at a young age. Using the Totems magical abilities Mari defeats the thugs and saves herself and her stepdad, which puts her on the radar of The Arrow and The Flash.

This series takes place some time in season three of Arrow and Season 1 of Flash so there is not spoilage here. In fact, those characters take a back burner to the real plot, finding out who Mari really is.


The Good? The action is fast paced and the character references are both welcomed and enjoyable. It was good to see our heroes play off each other like in the comic books. Mari is a believable character whose actions most of the time mimic my own. There was even one scene where she did exactly what I was thinking as I thought it, which is refreshing considering they could have made her stale and boring.


The Bad? The plot was kinda meh. I understand that they had to do the whole backstory approach because she isn’t a well know character but it just seemed really slow. The story doesn’t really pick up until episode 5, and ends promptly on episode 6. Speaking of episodes, the length was ridiculously short. I would have liked to see Vixen in action a little bit more, maybe even teaming up with The Arrow and The Flash.


Why You Should Watch It? “Vixen” is an enjoyable story about a character who really isn’t touched on a lot. If you were looking for some variety in you superhero shows than look no further. Its a personal story, and its short, but the experience is worth it.

What Would You Rate It? 5/5

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