Review: About Alex

What Is About Alex About? Seven college friends decide to reunite over a three-day weekend after one of them attempts suicide. While the friends are there to keep an eye on Alex, that doesn’t stop them from reuniting old flames, rehashing the past, sparking dead conflicts, and reminiscing about a world that seems to be passing them by.

ABOUT ALEX - 2014 FILM STILL - Max Minghella and Aubrey Plaza - Photo Credit: Jami Saunders/Screen Media Films

I found this movie randomly on Netflix after scrolling through a bunch of sad movies that I’m never going to watch. A movie about depression and suicide, how close to home. Right off the back I saw some familiar faces, Max Greenfield and Aubrey Plaza, and I had some time to kill so I decided to jump into this movie. From the moment we start getting introduced to characters the cringe-fest was real. Every character in this movie seems to have a hidden motive driving them. Josh (Greenfield) likes Siri (Maggie Grace) but is sleeping with Sarah (Aubrey Plaza). Siri is hiding her pregnancy from her boyfriend Ben. Sarah wants to be with Isaac. And on and on and on. In the same breath these people look down upon Kate, Isaac’s new 20 something girlfriend, for being young and naive. Funny thing is, she comes across as one of the most mature characters. Instead of whining about life like Josh and Sarah she is actually trying to help people.

The Good? Max Greenfield and Aubrey Plaza are the shining stars of this movie. Their stories were not only the most interesting but also the most real. They are together out of convenience. The tone of this movie was beautiful. It managed to capture the feeling of lost that comes with not knowing what to do with your life.

Maggie Grace and Nate Parker in ABOUT ALEX, a levelFILM release. Photo courtesy of levelFILM.

The Bad? “About Alex” has a lot of good ideas that are lost in translation. Its the type of story where several themes are presented at once but nothing really goes anywhere. Once we get to the end of the movie Ben has a flashback to his meeting Alex in college, but nothing gets solved. The state of Ben and Siri’s relationship is left up to the viewer. Alex is still working through his demons. Isaac just tried to cheat on Kate, and Josh is still pinning over Siri. Nothing really changed besides some minor things. And while this might be an amazing representation of real life it is a piss poor way to end a movie.


Why You Should Watch It? This movie is filled with interesting views and dialog. The characters are a little stale but it doesn’t stop the movie form being somewhat enjoyable and relatable.

What Would You Rate It? 3.5/5

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