What is Dare? A drama centered around three high school seniors – an aspiring actress, her misfit best friend, and a loner – who become engaged in an intimate and complicated relationship.

Alexa Walker (Emmy Rossum) is a young actress who gets told by her idol that she has no passion. She is playing someone who is craving lust yet she doesn’t even know what that feels like. So, she dares herself to be different and decides to lose her virginity. She picks Johnny (Zach Gilford), a bad boy who is known for being distant. However, to complicate things further, her sheltered best friend Ben (Ashley Springer) also dares himself to peruse Johnny.


The Good? Emmy Rossum was just about the only good thing about this movie. Her performance was just about the only one that didn’t make me feel bored out of my mind. However, the plot has some redeeming values. Dare manages to do everything you thought it wasn’t going to do. It is almost as if movie is daring you to see how crazy it can get. This movie was constantly proving me wrong.


The Bad? The plot is shaky at best and there is one character that serves no purpose. You think that she is going to go after Rossum but at the last minute nothing happens. Springer’s performance is cringe worthy. He made me feel awkward through his awkwardness. Also, this movie has the magical power of going nowhere, right up to the very end. There is no resolution, only more conflict it seems.


Why you should watch it? All in all Dare is a movie you should watch with a group of friends just so you can laugh and discuss the ridiculousness on screen.


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