iHip Pro B20: Reviewed

I have a habit of buying a lot of useless stuff. Well, the stuff is not really useless, it is just useless to me. I normally get these impulses and I act on them quite frequently. Case in point, I was walking through Big Lots looking for a Bluetooth speaker for my new apartment as well as the first season of The O.C. (I had previously bought Season 1-4 of Gossip Girl) when I stumbled upon these wireless headphones. “Wireless headphones for $15 bucks” I chuckled to myself as I scanned the back of the box “whats the catch?”


The PRO B20 – Wireless Headphones have a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, 18 hours of talk and music time with 200 hours on standby, a USB cable for charging, as well as come with a cable to turn them into wire headphones. All of this comes at the low low price of 15 bucks, but what is the catch? Turns out, it’s very moderate.

***Update*** After using them for a couple of days I have noticed that the average music time was 5 hours. I do not know if my pair is defective but that was all I got before they cut off. Also, the person on the other end of the calls would hear loud static.***

I noticed very quickly that if I put my phone in my pocket while I was walking than the music would skip, much like if you tried to walk around with a C.D. player in your pocket. This didn’t bother me because, for the most part, my phone is stationary, but I can see how this can be a deal breaker for someone who wanted to use these to work out. The sound quality is pretty good but not the best you’ve ever heard. However, for 15 bucks it does the job very well.

I also noticed that the call quality was sub-par, at least on the ones I bought. The people on the other end of the line could hear me, but they complained about hearing a weird noise I could not.

All in all, this is a very good product if you are the right type of person. If you plan on using these as an excuse to leave your mobile device lying around your house then go for it. You won’t be disappointed by the sound quality or the battery life. If you are a person who is always on the go I would look elsewhere.

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